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Can't speak from the paintball side but from the retail industry a little insight. JC Penny's tried to do away with sales and discounts a few years back. They just changed their prices to reflect what would of been a sale price. The whole no gimmick what you see is what you pay. It bit them I the butt.

Customers went elsewhere and they lost 20% revenue the 1st year and almost 40 the next. Customers want a "sale" or discount. Don't ask me why. Hell I work for a big box store and it's funny. We comp shop or competitors. 9 times out of 10 their "sale" price in the flyers is the same as our every day price or even more, but on average we sell less of those products during their "sale" even when we are a few cents to dollars cheaper.

So even if it's bs a "sale" does increase traffic.
Just food for thought.
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