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We have another cool element to add to the mix this year.
Toward the later afternoon on Saturday, Jacob Bloom will be sub-hosting a 1v1 Tournament on the Airball Arena.
$10 buys you in. Double elimination. Blind draw pairings.
CCM $100 and $80 gift cards will be awarded to the two top finishers as well as bragging rights!
It's like Thunderdome! Two men enter, one man leaves!


I was able to make it out to the park today to look at conditions firsthand.
It's very dry.
The vegetation is very thick but only in the woods.
I like how the town's grass is all short so no sticky foxtails Yay!
Great playing conditions.
There's no live grass to speak of in the tent camping areas. It's all dirt.
As well as the airball arena, all dirt.






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