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Gardners haven't been involved in GI since they left early on. Our Valken rep's sales pitch when this came out was literally "It's a Mini for only $250!". Valken's bringing these lawsuits on themselves. They've lost a Marballizer lawsuit twice now, and were even given fair warning on a least one if not both those occasions and chose to not comply. While I think the paint lawsuits were a little ridiculous, I fully support GI on this one. Valken copied the Mini's appearance intentionally and attempted to use that appearance to boost sales. They had a gun just as small and much more ergonomic called the Proton. They should have stuck with that body style.

Paintball companies have been taking legal action against each other since the early days. We just didn't have a company CEO always playing victim on social media to drum up sympathy in a backwards marketing campaign.

Valken New World paint is a planned middle finger to GI since the last paint lawsuit. Half swirled/striped shell, half solid color. Circumvents the trade dress, and Valken has been pushing sales of that ball hard.

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