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Originally Posted by theangrydragon View Post
Yeah, but if that's true its going to be a huge price increase. The STi version of my car was only $5k more, which is not hard to swing. Probably my biggest regret, but I had just started a new job and immediately got a better job after signing my lease. But, that's why i like leasing rather then financing, so your not losing your *** in a trade in. Or dumping money into mods to make it an STi.

If the new STi is deep into the 40's there's a lot of other cars with better interiors and more refinement to look into. The WRX and STi are a huge value where they are at. And they lease out awesome because of their good residual value.

I'd like to see the next STi in a hatchback with a slight displacement increase and a little bump in horsepower.
I do not think the price will increase. With the Focus RS and the new Honda Civic SI both pushing more HP than the STi (and in the same price bracket) I do not see them pushing the price. They need more power at the same price point to stay relevant. We will have to wait and see obviously because it's pure speculation at this point, but I am crossing my fingers for more power with less mods!
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