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Originally Posted by Vapor View Post
At big games you play as hard as you like. Don't like the electros your against, back off and re-engage somewhere else along the line. Plenty of people will be playing pump as well. The general for the SPCA game is on a team called Pump Fiction. Wasaga has plenty of bush to get hide and get flanking. There is no reason to get tied down in a pitched battle unless you choose to, focus on objectives, hook up with a random crew and support their advance. The possibilities are endless. Plus your bound to meet a bunch of new friends.

Good luck to you, you'll do just fine I'm sure.

Thanks for the encouragement brother I believe I will go to the Wasaga game then wish I can make this weekends to but I'll be working Saturday.

If anyone else if planing to hit up the wasaga game on the 19 let me know!

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