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Fulda Gap 2017

Alright, so I didn't want to make the thread hoping someone else that has been before will, but a couple of friends and myself will be going to Fulda Gap this year for the first time. Anyone else going? Probably be staying at a hotel nearby and not camping unfortunately. Would love to talk to some other people and maybe get on a squad with people im familiar with.

Fulda - Home

November 10-12

Welcome to 2017's Fulda Gap Scenario Event!!! In 2016, 2x winning NATO General Eric Engler (of Engler Paintball Guns) lost to the Warsaw Pact General, Steven Armstrong, but is returning to regain his title! This year General Engler will be pitted against Maureen "Bondchick" Armstrong (2016 winning XO).

The 2016 Fulda broke all attendance records, with over 1300 participants and 16 tanks. The 2017 game is expected to be even larger than that. This will make the 12th running of Fulda Gap Paintball.
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