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Originally Posted by SD.Pump View Post
Trilogy bodies are kinda junky compared to normal 'cockers. The have extrusion marks and the ano is not always great.
They're actually forged, not extruded. No way they could be extruded with the integrated VASA. In any case, I will agree that the bodies aren't perfect. There are always little imperfections around the feedneck and VASA.

All that said, Trilogies are the ideal cocker for someone in your situation; someone who wants to shoot an autococker but not have to worry about all the tuning. I will also add, as one of the internet's biggest Trilogy apologists, that my Trilogy, with some tuning, shot better than any other cocker I've ever shot, including Cold Fusions and original Shocktechs. They are easily the best shooting gun you can get for the price, and you still have a ton of room to upgrade them if you so choose.

TL;DR, Trilogies are awesome guns. Anyone who says otherwise is a complete moron.

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Who is this Chad Thompson you all are talking about?
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