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GOG G1 with 5 QLoader Pods

SOLD GOG G1 with 5 QLoader Pods SOLD

(Additional pictures HERE)


GOG G1 marker that I bought last year to examine the qloader pods. Since then it has sat in the box that they were delivered in.

I put a battery in it tonight and put air to it. It did not leak and fired in single, 3-round and full auto.

It has been modified to fit the qpods under the barrel and has a custom made copper coupler between the qloader and the side feed. The regulator is attached to where the bottom line would normally go, again a custom build.

Included is everything in the pictures.
GOG G1 Marker
5 Qloader pods
Remote line
Oring kit with sleek lube
Qloader loading hopper
Loading socket
14in and 20in barrels
Barrel carrier for the 20in barrel
Barrel swabs

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