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Torn ACL, future functionality?

So I was playing woodsball with my friends and while in a dead sprint I tripped and took a hard fall on my left knee. After xrays and an MRI I've completely torn my ACL, luckily it looks like that's all that took damage. So now I'm icing, doing regular pt, and home exercises/stretching to rehab my knee. In four weeks I follow up with my orthopedic surgeon to discuss the surgery.

So my current debate in my head is when to do the surgery, serious paintball play is out of the question til that happens and then also til after that heals. First question to any who have had this happen, did you play in any capacity before surgery or is the possibility of more damage too great to consider it?

My future concern is the capacity I'll be able to play after surgery. I am a fast paced player, unless it's a massive scenario I'm running around the field at top speed. I'm in my mid thirties and with this injury does it mean it's time to slow down?

Any suggestions, advise, experience stories, encouragement, I'll listen to it all.
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