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Not quite the same, but I recently had two ligaments repaired in my ankle, ATFl and CFL, both full tears. Just turned 30.

I had the injury for years, so the stability is night and day difference. PT is a long process, but it works, especially for these types of injuries. I made a lot of progress really quickly, then hit a wall. I would say I am about 80%, and have been kind of stuck here for a month or so.

I am now six months out of surgery, and am going to play in two weeks. Still not 100% on running, so I won't be able to play my usual style, but definitely good enough to hit the field.

Based on experiences of friends that have had your injury, you are young enough that you will be able to get back to 100% (or close enough), but it will probably take longer than you think it should.
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