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Hopefully I turns out well for you.

Not the same injury for me. But I have broken my back twice. First time back when I was 26 (military injury), 2008, and second time 2 years ago when I slipped on one of my daughters toys in the hall. First injury compressed and misaligned my back. Second one game me a hairline fracture on my C5 vertebrae. I have had my back realigned and have to do monthly chiropractic to keep the alignment. As for the hairline fracture I was told not much they can do since the muscles around the spine will want to keep trying to pull it apart. The chiropractor, physical therapist and doctors are all in agreement that the best thing I can do is keep active and strengthen the muscles around my spine to prolong the delay/time frame for when I WILL have to have my back plated. I am 35 now and don't want to have the plating anytime soon, since they have told me they will have to plate from the base of my neck down to 3 vertebrae above my hip. Which means I will lose 100% of my rotation ability. So I keep myself as active as my body will let me. I am in pain everyday, but it's something I have gotten used to dealing with. Some days will be worse than others, some completely unbearable, but I'm still alive.

Just know your limits and don't try to superman past it. Hope your able to see the field again soon.
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