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Heres my take.

I tore My ACL in middle school. Because i was still growing, I couldn't have surgery until junior year of HS. So no sports ( I did anyway) If you don't get surgery soon or what ever. Get real comfortable with the idea of dislocating your knee and resetting it yourself.
I was doing that about once a day when I started getting more and more active.

I got a sports brace when I started doing soccer again. Which helped a lot. But HS budget, $600 sports brace was a luxury I lived without for a long time. I didn't play paintball then but I was pretty active.

If or when you get the surgery have you or your Dr look into Dr. Simonian.

He developed a new method to repair it that involves using your Hamstring instead of drilling in a ligament from a cadaver. Its orthoscopic, so very small incisions. Cuts recovery time by a huge margin, I was able to walk (heavily braced leg) an hour after waking up from surgery.

I don't know where you are located, or if his method is like patented, but I highly recommend it.

My left knee was done by him, my mother's right knee, and both of my dad's knees. His first was done the old way, and the second was the orthoscopic method.

The only damaged I think I got from playing on it while it was still torn, was breaking my arm. My knee dislocated and I fell.

That's another story....
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