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Bought the following;
NCStar Aimpoint replica. Like new condition. Comes with its box and all the paperwork/extra stuff. $22

Air America Vigilante LP regulator. Leaks. $10

Aimpoint was in perfect condition, and is now residing comfortably on my Vector. The Vigilante reg just needed some thread sealant, and is working perfectly on my Ion.

Overall fantastic guy to do business with, will do so again.

My current collection: Apex,Vector,Classic Intimidator (x2), Clamshell Intimidator, Angel LCD, F-4, F-2, Eagle .68,Shoebox Shocker, SFT Shocker (x2), Tactical Ion, Xonik Vengeance, e-Blade Orracle, Mech Vengeance, Nova, SuperNova (x3), .68 Special, Pro/Am, Tiberius T9, E-Mag, Pro-Lite, A5, NME LE, NME (x2), Impulse

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