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Fun fact. You need to be a Mason in order to be a Shriner. So the Shrine Hospitals are the most visible and well known charity. Each group within the "Masonic Family" has it's own charities that it runs or helps.

Locally in VT we have the CARE Program (Grand Lodge of Vermont)
My lodge offers College Scholarships of $1k a year to local kids, camp and scholarships.
The Grand Lodge of Vermont has someone that visits the local VA to give patients a friendly face to talk to and helped with Vietnam memorials and benches for the VA cemetery.
There are a few Widows in town that we bring wood in for every fall and we make sure to visit with the widow of any member a few times a year.
Sponsoring needy families during the holidays
Food Drives
We also support 3 Youth Groups (DeMolay, Rainbow Girls, Jobs Daughters)
When I was younger and in DeMolay the National Sojourners (a group of Masons who served in the military) paid for me to go to a Leadership conference at the Freedom Foundation in Valley Forge.
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