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Originally Posted by HarleyQuinn View Post
I don't advertise trans status. I pass.
All documents say my gender.
But any back ground check/ job experience were before I transitioned, thus to use those employers, I out myself.

The hours were told to us as being paid.
Until the Monday after I did it. Then I got the "it's volunteer.... so not paid"

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If you were not informed until after accepting the position, I'd chat with hr. An informal complaint and go from there.

The outing yourself, ive hired and/or overseen hundreds of new hires, from white collar management to blue collar techs. Ive never seen nor heard of anyone making a decision based on that kinda of criteria. Hate to say it but think a bit of paranoia has set in. No large corporation is going to allow a mid level manager put them at risk over such a hot button topic.

You seem like you have a good head on your shoulders, just do your job, work hard, enjoy life.

Best of luck to you.
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