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Originally Posted by Yellow5 View Post
Why should she have to go find a new job if the employer is pressing for something that may not be legal? It would be one thing if you just don't like your job, but if they are trying to coerce you at the risk of your livelihood...
Here's how and why to make it seem to the employer that you're about to quit over something that is unfair

First of all be polite and gracefully decline the BS when it's offered on a gilded platter

Then make it so they realize, "Maybe we have gone too far. We expect too much already from our employees, who have to put on makeup and iron their clothes and wait in traffic on the way over here. We pay them enough to survive and maybe have something in the bank, all to make them do the things the business needs in order for it to survive. Without this employee, who is valued more to us than what we pay them, our business is done."

A view on the contrary to this would be that this involuntary non-volunteer obligatory 4 hour thing is a test of the employee's loyalty and willingness to work off the clock. But then where does it end? How often are they going to test their employees like this? And then, to refuse, "who cares .. ? because the employer sees you as an expendable asset?" WTF leave them!! No one who deserves employees is allowed to hold a negative-esteem view of their own employee like that (my view, my opinion, I do work therefore don't push me or sweat me or the work goes bye-bye)

Employers don't do you a favor when they hire you. Hint: you are being sucked dry of your mental and physical resources to make some smarty-pants rich somewhere, so they can drink wine and have a great old time at the same time you're busting your balls metaphorically-speaking

So that's my reasoning

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