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Originally Posted by paintzapper View Post
When can we actually start calling this crap terrorism? I know it mainly used to describe similar actions to promote a political stand, but aren't these people inciting terror upon innocent people? That to me sounds like what a terrorist does. No need to be "politically correct," they are what they are, a sick and evil pos terrorist.

If you call it terrorism you legitimize or at least make reality the cause that the sicko wants to prop up.

Anyone of any stripe (political, ethnic, religious, etc.) that would perpetrate an act like this is evil. They are not right in the head, and as soon as people politicize it they start assigning rational reasoning to a person that had no rational reason to do what they did. And it can further radicalize or empower a fringe movement or thought process.

They create terror so by definition a terrorist, but terrorists are often linked to an ideology. When you recognize that the ideology it only gets stronger and more dangerous.

Not saying to put your head in the sand, but i just don't think there is a solution. These acts of violence committed by crazy people have been perpetrated on American soil since the dawn of the country is a noted deadly attack that killed 44 people almost 90 years ago.

When you go looking for a solution it means taking away rights for security. Unfortunately both political sides use these incidents to take away rights. While it may work in other countries its not the American way.(anyone see the No Reservations last night about Singapore?)

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