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Electronics help please

I am in the middle of an electrical engineering class on the fundamental Theroms(not thermos) of AC/DC circuits. However, I am having some conceptual issues, no not the pregnancy kind; the other kind.. where your brain cant seem to figure things out haha.

Here is my first question. My professor keeps saying that you can have voltage with out current... HOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWW!!!!!!

The mere fact of any amount of electrons moving from one location to another(called a charge, just like when men yell CHARGE before a battle. they are moving from one place to another) creates current because there is flow and when said electrons move from one place to another, that is voltage. that movment called voltage creates current. If I hold a 9V battery in my hand, it has the potential to push 9 volts but it aint pushin a thing until there is some wire connected to it. so how does voltage exist if there is no current. V=IR if I=0 then V=0

ok next question. I do not understand opens and shorts. To me an open is like a light switch or the wire has been cut. A short is where the path for current has been shortened by adding a wire from one end to the other. But I thought with a short, it literally removes those components out, but I think I may be wrong.. First let me ask about this example. I take a 9V battery again and I run a wire across both terminals, I know it gets red hot very quickly. now, is this creating infinite current? I=V/R and if R is practicaly 0, then current will be infinite because of I=9/0 now if that is true, is that not enough amps to kill you?

ok thanks for reading and helping

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