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Apex barrel

So, i know very little about the apex barrel. I know it puts back spin on the ball and that is all i know.

Does the apex easily make the paintball fly more straight and further?

When it comes to accuracy, does it perform as well as a barrel kit?

I have heard you can put one on a barrel kit, i would think this would be a mute point because the whole idea behind a barrel kit is to keep that paint nice and tight in the insert and then once it leaves the insert, to not disturb it anymore so that ots trajectory is soley based upon said insert. However, an apex i would think interferes with that and that is the last contact for the ball is that apex.

All i have for barrels is a stock 98 barrel and a older style barrel kit. Will apex work with theeae barrels or do i jave to buy, yet again, another barrel?

Im not looking for effiency as in longer lasting air, i just want my paint to fly far, straight, and hit a circle the size of a basketball 90% of the time. Is that possible with the apex? Do i need to get a flatline barrel AND an apex2 to go on it?

Thanks much

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