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I know on my 2k sniper with field paint my apex 2 barrel shooots more accurately than my freak with an under bore. The whole curve the paint thinin my experience is a little wonky. I would say it hits the same area basketball size probaly 75%ish of the time. I'm pretty sure it's just cuz every paintball isn't the same so they spin different or something along those lines. I know that you arnt looking at that part but thought it would me some what help full.
The apex2 for the drop shot and distance is awsome just keep in mind you have to aim up pretty high other wise the ball hits the ramp and goes to the floor. The 90% is doable it. Just depends on paint the shooter ect. Haha
Then as far as compatibility I know you can tape mod most barrels to accept the original apex tip not sure about the apex2. I tape modded my trracccer barrel

Hope that was at least some what helpful. I'm sure someone can explain it far better than I
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