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My experiences with the Apex have been meh. The way it works is by imparting a backspin to the ball, which then confers certain aerodynamic qualities to it. You can select the degree of spin, and the direction to achieve a variety of "trick shots." Shots like hooking a ball around a bunker, or achieving greater range. The problems I had were twofold: First, the paint has to be of high quality and consistency from ball to ball in order to get reproducible accuracy. With a bag of crapy field paint from an FPO field or event, you'll have paint going everywhere. Secondly as you extend the range of your ball, you lose the energy necessary for it to break. I remember getting some really long hits with an Apex, but they were usually bounces... Now there are some folks on here who have had some great success with the Apex. Free Enterprise, a member here, comes to mind, and has some good videos. All in all, the Apex is probably not a bad system to try and see if you like, and maybe get good at using. But in the grand scheme of life, I found that I preferred a traditional barrel.
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