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then in the end, thats what matters..

ill admit, i originally didn't think a plane hit the pentagon, cause the hole definitely didn't look like a plane hit it.. and then i was shown some pictures of planes that had hit buildings of similar construction, and i realized that i was wrong.. speculation is fine, it breeds discussion, out of the box thinking.. that sort of stuff. because the investigation is ongoing, facts are still coming to light, like there was a discrepancy revealed today, there was a charger in his room that matched no device, electrical or otherwise in his possession, and there was an incident where his room key was swiped in the door when he was out of the building in his car, it will be interesting to hear more about that as they reveal more (it could be nothing at all, or it could be a major bombshell, nothing is set in stone right now).. our PD took a LOT of heat about a shooting that occurred in 2010, and they have been working hard to regain the public trust since, and they have been doing an exceptional job of it since, so if you think they did not review the videos first thing on who came and went out of that room during all of october 1st, you're mistaken.. why do you think they were so quick to officially and publicly announce it as a lone gunman?

there's a TON of data that they have to sift through, 20k+ witnesses that can make statements, a butt load of camera footage throughout the casino for 3 days that will all have to be observed by hand and spliced into a cohesive video of his goings and comings, and behavior, they are also going to have to comb all of facebook and social media for any and all footage of that night to see if there is anything useful,

and theres one dude in a warehouse thats got to comb through all the gun sales records by hand (because we cant organize this information into a database)

remember how long it took the FBI to release the footage of the boston marathon bomber? even after the "detectives" on reddit had identified 3 wrong people already

but the FBI wasn't wrong either.

i don't envy the "new guys" thats got to do the bulk processing for all that data, yuck

^And i did it while wearing a helmetcam^ in 1080P HD if you need proof
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