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Hey everyone I just want to say a little something regardless if I am right or wrong. As I Run EMR, this is my life, my work, my home , also the foundation of building my future family. I get everyone is entitled to their opinion. I get people are upset of the cancellation of the event. I am not here to complain, make excuses, or bitch about what goes on with EMR. I'm at EMR 24/7. I am a one man army here trying to get EMR back to what it used to be. Yes the Owner lives out of state and I talk with him everyday but this is my show. He gave me the keys and said your the new face of EMR, now go gettem' kid. I'm trying to bring EMR back and give more for the players. Since I started I have made it my goal to turn this place around. It has been no easy task. You guys have no idea the behind the scene work that goes into running this facility. I'll work thru the night if i have to make things happen. In fact Ive almost died twice because the customer neglected to follow the rules or didn't think about their actions. Luckily I even escaped without being harmed. For customers its easy to point fingers and blame business when their are not happy. We get it and unfortunately there are going to be times that we can not make everyone happy.

Could we have advertised more? I'll say yes. But we did advertise this event. This is not just on the shoulders of the facility. The facility , The producer , the players all have to do a part. There wasn't much chatter about the event regardless of the advertising. For example our Larp events there is very little advertising but theres chatter among the people and we are seeing numbers of 300 plus. Airsoft as well. So how much advertising needs to be done if the players do not want to talk about an event. Also Peoples budgets are changing and there are so many events now its hard to people to be everywhere. We just got of Endless legends , maybe the event was to close to that and people used up their extra money and time off. There are so many different things on why we did not see the numbers for this event. Putting the blame to just one thing doesn't make sense.

Like I said I am at EMR 24/7 if theres an issue let me know 570-465-9622 call me . I'd be more than happy to listen. I don't see everything thats going on. I work out outside 90% of my day I don't sit at the computer waiting for a facebook status. I'm trying to improve the facility for you. If there something that can help me help you please let me know. Where do you want to see advertising? What kind of advertising do you want to see? I am open for suggestions. I'm here for you , obviously within reason but I'm here. I learn from my mistakes but like I tell people if i don't know if somethings going on or is address at a later time from the moment it takes places theres not to much I can do after the fact.

I don't want to argue about what should have been done. I am already working on solutions for next years Old School Event. It will be back and It will happen.

Thank you everyone for your time. Hope to see you again soon.

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