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Phantom Trigger Pin issue

MCB Vets/Phantom Gods:

Again, I come with a simple Phantom question that I can't figure out (or resolve via the "search" function on here :P ). Please show me the way...

I installed the Rocker trigger into my phantom, but have been having alot of trouble trying to re-install the trigger pivot pin (see pic). It's a larger-gauge punch pin with a slightly wider head (I'm guessing for retention). I can only get the pin ~90% in using a standard punch tool and a hammer, but I can't get it in and flush to save my life. The head of the pin (and some of the frame around the pin) have become marred from multiple hard strikes with the tool. I bought a second pin off CCI and tried putting that one in and got the same results. Anybody have this issue and know a trick/work-around?
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