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Originally Posted by TomsGunShow View Post

TBH im really not a fan of the smaller paint sizes. I find the effective range too limited, the paint too difficult to find/not allowed at all my fields, and that unless I gog someone they might not even feel the hit/the paint might not even break.
The availability of quality paint is definitely the limiting factor with these things- I wanted to use my Khaos in a scenario game earlier this month and was barred from doing so because the event had no .50 paint available. The field I usually go to allows me to use my own paint with it, mostly because the owner finds the thing fascinating. When I have been able to use it, I've actually had the opposite problem you suggested- if anything, contemporary .50 paint is too brittle. It may be partially the gun's fault, but I'm seeing lots of barrel breaks and no bounces, at least so far. When the thing does connect, though, it's pretty darn fun.
(This is at a field that has gone mostly .50 Cal for its rentals)
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