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Just to add my own $0.02 and experiences with cyclone feed Tippmanns with brittle paint.

One of the main reasons why I stopped using my Tippies recently is the local tourny grade paint is stupid brittle, I'm talking drop at your hip and breaks brittle. Then some of the other paint (premium?) takes some velocity to break and will bounce sometimes, but it is Empire paint so not surprised.

I spent a couple weekends at a few 24 hour Scenario events and personal time over the course of 2 years troubleshooting my X7 Phenom and A5s on breaking paint in the cyclone and barrel. The phenom had stock cyclone upgrades and I found the main cause of the breaks were when the ball is actually THROWN into the breach to be shot. The barrel breaks happened regardless what bore sized I used (freak barrel with inserts) I found 1 in 10 rounds got cracked at that point and not in the cyclone itself. This was discovered by putting a fresh ball in the cyclone before it was loaded in the breach, so it didn't get the chance to get flung around by the cyclone itself.

After discovering the betrayal of my cyclone feeds, I installed my hopper adapter on my X7 Phenom. All of the barrel breaks went away, but it was a crappy adapter and I was missing the cyclone plug so I had other problems that arose from that.

The other tests were at home with two Tippmann A5s, one with all of the cyclone upgrades and one stock (newer variant so it has the updated paddles). The breach breaks were the same but the cyclone breaks were fewer (weren't that many to begin with anyways) in the upgraded cyclone. It didn't matter if shooting slow single shot or 10+ bps, results were the same.

Haven't used the magfed Tippies on the field but I can imagine them not doing well with brittle paint at all.

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