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Brass and Wood Fan
-dsg #318- $675 shipped

Putting up my DSG today, since it has just been sitting in a scabbard in the closet since I obtained it. It saw the field once when my buddy needed something to goof off with against some rentals at the local field, but other than that, I never shot it at all. It deserves to roam the fields and woods of America, clipping faces and taking no mercy!

No Parting and No Trades. This is the official beginning of my purge.


Looking for $675 shipped and insured in the US.

Today's sale brings you DSG #318. This is from the third run. Features include:

-Long Feed tube
-2 pc. Lurker .678 Eigenbarrel
-Hogue tamer grip, raptor grip, and full synthetic stock
-Green shoulder scabbard
-Paracord sling
-a pile of spare parts including an extra internal long feed tube with spare spring, pump arms, extra receiver, extra trigger frame, delrin bolt and Feed tube guide, springs, Sears, and enough steel bolts to pretty much replace everything.

There is a small rub in the anno on the driver side above the trigger, just for full disclosure. It came to me this way.

If you have any other questions, please ask. Thanks for looking.

May the way of the Hero lead to the Triforce.

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