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Originally Posted by Third of Five View Post
*sigh* - It is the beginning of the end for me. I have always been a Tippmann fan, but really? Who asked for this thing? Is there really a demand for the "mechanical style of play and the no nonsense freedom of a loader integrated marker". If there is, kudos for finding that market space, but no way am I shucking out $300 for the "no nonsense" loader system that they won't even show us pictures of...
In Tippmann's defense, the gun hasn't actually been announced yet. The ANSGear listing is basically just a tolerated leak. There's zilch about this gun on Tippmann's official webpage, YouTube channel, or social media yet.

Also, I think a large segment of Tippmann's historical user base is kind of primed for a "hopperless" gun like this. The continued popularity of something like the A5 bears that out. Some people are really drawn to the way the A5 moves the hopper out of your line of sight, and will even tolerate something as needlessly complicated as Tippmann's RT system to avoid having batteries run the gun.

I would agree that the look of the thing is going to turn a lot of people off, and they probably should have made a greater effort to have it resemble real world analogues like the H&K G11 or FN P90, but the concept of the Raider itself should be interesting and unique enough to draw a lot of people in.
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