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sometimes you need to think outside of the box to come up with something truly innovative to solve a problem.
it is even more rare to have that innovation be something simple and inexpensive.

Valken has done both and knocked it out of the park.

Look there has been lots of talk (alot very heated) on how to achieve "low impact" (latest term for low velocity) in paintball to entice new younger players.

Up to now the only two alternatives were to turn down the velocity of rentals or the much more pushed .50 cal.

The later involves carrying two different types of guns, hoppers, and paintballs.
All of it in realistic terms is more cost with items that may or may not be used enough to justify it.

Valken has given a very cheap and effective (knowing their products) way to accomplish a low velocity alternative.

think about it...a field can buy a bunch of these barrels (given that they should be low cost and valken is known for having good prices) , have them in a box taking up little space, set up their rentals before opening (including preliminary velocity setup), and if a need comes for low velocity just put on one of these barrels and vola ready to go (of course a quick velocity check for safety) .

simple , cheap, easy peasy with no need to carry an entirely different gun, equipment, ect.

If I may be so bold a true game changer.

Pardon me for stirring the pot/kicking a hornets nest but I suspect this will get backlash for all those pushing .50 cal.

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