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Originally Posted by PistolRogue View Post
I think the quality/durability will be the standard by which this thing sinks or swims. I'm nervous that this "battery free" loader will be too closely based on the Cyclone, which is rough on paint and to my knowledge, still has issues with the ratchets which haven't been resolved.

Personally, I love the idea of a marker that doesn't require a blimp on top but also doesn't require the unreliability and added cost of magazines, but I'm also nothing some obvious downsides. With the loader position I feel like it will cause mask interference issues aiming down the barrel, and I wonder how certain sizes of tanks will fit.

I think the price point corrects the biggest flaw of the defender which was the exorbitant price for a niche or curiosity marker. At ~$300 I think more people would be willing to give it a shot than the initial $1000+ cost of the defender.
First I agree with most of your post but on two things.

One...when I held a defender (in essence what this but (going on what stated) without electronics and without full magnesium metal body) with a mask on sighting down the barrel is actually easier given clean line from front to back.
the only fault on it is if the gun (like the defender) was longer than your arms and it was not a short stubby race gun (the loader not being on top)
but tuck it under your armpit or you could handle it it was a dream for barrel aiming.

for tanks it was tricky if you wanted on gun....smaller the better.
it was mostly set up for remote.

Two on to the ratchet system on tippmans (and sorry in advance if this drifts off topic). I owned an x7 and in my research of both x7 and a5 before purchasing a used x7 the ratchet issues were talked about heavily.
The issue was the original ratchet was plastic and paddles were hard plastic.
the plastic paddles were hard on paint and the ratchet was known for breaking (along with issues on the rod) . I personally saw this happen a few times on a field.
that is why companies like techt (and others mine just happened to be them) came out with kits with metal ratchets, rods, squshy paddles and total upgrade kits.
the metal ratchet and paddles solved the problems quite well as I found on my x7 (it was upgraded already due to being used).
not an uncommon problem a new gun uses cheaper parts.

I suspect this will be no different....just add some aftermarket upgrades and vola ...problem solved.

if they are gonna use a cyclone hopper outside of the already known part it uses more air then it could be a nice non battery option.

I just hope the body is close to being as tough as the defender

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