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ER2-Haiku Giveaway - Winner Announced!

Plastic fantastic
A giveaway for members
Walz made me do it

You heard that right, 'tis the season and Santa Walz and his merry elves are spreading joy to all the happy children of MCB.

Open to all members (non-blues), one entry per person. Blues, you know what to do - join the ranks of subscribing members and help support the site we all love!

But to win this ER2, you must HAIKU! So let's hear your best (or worst, or failed attempts)!

Winner will be drawn randomly on Dec 10th. If you live outside Canada or US, I may ask for help with shipping - probably not, but just in case we have some members from the other side of the planet.


Stay tuned to the Season of Walzmas, this isn't over yet!

1. AnarchicArctic
2. JonM
3. Jordan
4. Soolio
5. killerito
6. Alive
7. Bigtuana
8. bellicose
9. Murky
10. WALZ
11. Riot
12. Warblgarbl
13. Fancyfingers
14. DirtyLoincloth
15. TCPaintball
16. scottieb
17. Third of Five
18. zomfgmikeftw
20. Diomedes
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