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I pvp with Mida Multi-tool/Last Hope/Play of the Game most of the time.

Honestly get most of my kills from Last Hope... and yes, pulse grenades (titan main, sorry).

Don't overlook the SMG - the Antiope-D is a fantastic option for pvp - I like to pair it with a Manannan in the energy slot for the short/mid range balance.

As for hand cannons, Better Devils and Sunshot are the only ones worth a damn, IMHO. Explosive rounds FTW. They're ok to mix into pvp, but missing shots hurts more with the lower ROF. I'm more likely to use them on easy/close range pve (public events, strike playlight). I'm in a small clan and do nightfalls, but no raiding yet. I stick with dual scouts (Nameless/Manannananana) in nightfalls.
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