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Originally Posted by KingVM View Post
Its minty !!! Ribbed barrel yes... 4oz tank... nope... from the sounds of it, hes gonna replace o-rings and cup seal. Make it sealable to say the least before we hash out a price. Saves me doing it. Haha. Parts are so scarce these days, let alone o-rings for the upper bolt
Orings for the upper bolt can be had for $1.00 USD a piece from Pro Team Products. I'd recommend getting them with a few other parts, just so the cost of shipping isn't pointlessly expensive.
I ordered a sight rail, 4 orings and a new side plate for the VM for something around the order of $25.00 USD shipped (to Ontario). They even threw in a sticker and a free barrel bag (seems to be very good quality).
Proteam stocks a pretty much full parts selection too, so you can take your pick.
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