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Some of my Graffiti had dimples on 3 sides of the ball! How did Valken even manage to do that?

It was also breaking in my guns with a proper underbore. I ended up having to use a .680/.684 when it really needed .675, so I wasn't able to reliably use my cockers. Once I switched to the larger bore in my Axe I didn't have any problems besides every 5th ball taking wild curves.

I'd be willing to pay $80-$90 per case for Redemption at Fulda. I'd even preorder it like someone mentioned before. Anyone with that paint could clean up a field if the other players had the standard Fate/Graffiti. The Redemption I got from Valken at last year was immaculate (they claimed that it was leftovers from Cup or something); all the same bore size, round, +/-2 over the chrono, could handle an underbore, etc. When I finally got a case of it on Saturday I must have shot 10 people in my first hour. That also makes me pissed, because it shows that Valken does know how to make quality paint, they just don't bother for events like Fulda.
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