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My favorite moment in paintball was when my son was nine years old... had a big game in Our wood field of around fifty vs. fifty....all of my team except my son were out and only two players left on the opposing team....we were all on the top of the levee ( dead men) watching the end to come... one at a time they came at my son from the trees... my son was standing in a crossroad checking left and right... boom- bang,bang,bang..... first guy shoots at Evan ( my son) and he turns, spots the guy. Bang, one shot he nails him....
Next guy comes out from the same area and runs out into the road... bang, bam, bam, bang ,bang, bang.....they shoot are shooting at each other when all of a sudden his opponent bends over and rolls to the ground.. nut shot.......ow....
We win the game and there were over a hundred of us watching the entire game end go down...
That's my most favorite and most proudest moment in paintball for me in my over thirty years of involvement.......
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