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favorite sports moment sophomore year of high school playing football against el Molino high school. I played wide receiver fullback running back outside linebacker and corner and safety basically where ever coaches needed me to fill. Probably halfway thru the game one of my buddies gets cheap shotted going up for a ball bu the other teams running back. A couple plays later I'm at outside linebacker and for whatever reason, he decided to cut back and run my way. I going a little too high on him and close lining him full on WWE style. The look on the refs face was priceless. the other teams' coaches come out yelling about how its unsportsmanlike conduct yata yata. The ref comes over asks if it was on purpose, of course, I said it wasn't he said ok just watch it walks back to the other coach and tells basically him to piss off. A few plays later we are on offense I can't remember exactly what had happened(far to many concussions) but I was pissed playing running back. ended up totally trucking their Outside linebacker. By far my favorite memories.
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