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Originally Posted by PistolRogue View Post
Nobody stopped buying T8.1's and T9.1's because they were bad markers. They stopped buying them because the TIPX's mags at less than half the price of Tib mags and the ability to carry more of them due to smaller size and weight made it the more attractive option. The FSC fails to change any of this.
Exactly this. I sold my T8 awhile back because the mags were expensive, heavy, bulky and required a 12 gram for each one. If the check valve leaks, that's just one more thing you need to maintain in each magazine. These issues (and the constant chopping) are what initially turned me off to magfed as a whole. Thankfully, I decided to give it a second chance and I'm really liking the TiPX. I have ten seven-round mags on my rig and they seemingly weigh next to nothing. The mag change is significantly smoother than with the T8 and I can easily change between 12 grams and a remote line.

Looking at the FSC, I see an expensive flop in the making. First Strike really needs to re-evaluate what many players are looking for because Tippmann is killing it in the entry to mid-range market.
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