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Mike hit the sweet spot of an effective, simple design that can be delivered at high quality for an affordable price.

I bet alternate revenue really helped CCI survive the transition to semi-auto, compared to say, Line SI, which was dependent on high end pumps for the tournament scene, and wasn't able to launch an equally successful semi, and/or transition to a recball supplier

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I've heard of someone showing a CCI TP and one from another (High end) company to a engineer that makes parts for jets. Word is he said the other company's piece never would have made it out of the shop because of poor quality.
Eh, but the aviation industry has piles of specs and requirements that aren't necessary in other applications due to the severity if something breaks mid-flight. You don't actually want an airplane-quality gun because the cost would be astronomical and totally unnecessary. I have a hard time imaging what kind of defect could be visible that would make any difference, except maybe burrs

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