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Originally Posted by PistolRogue View Post
I maintain that they're making new markers when they'd be better off making new, lighter, better magazines for the existing ones. The FSC is a pistol that virtually no one was asking for, and except for size and weight it does nothing to improve on the T8.1. It's hard enough finding a field that keeps good 12ies in stock at a fair price. 8g's? Come on. They didn't even have sense enough to drop the twist lock barrel in favor of something threaded with broad compatibility (cough cough*** cocker*** cough cough).

Players DID ask for airless mags to go along with their remote kits. They've been asking for lighter mags since the marker was called the Tac 8. There's absolutely no reason they couldn't cut the weight of the regular mags in half by going with a composite or composite clad metal skeleton instead of all cast aluminum, even retaining the 12g changer. Airless mags of various capacities should be a no-brainer. And to charge almost double the price of a T8.1 for a miniaturized, but unimproved, counterpart? Get outta here.

Nobody stopped buying T8.1's and T9.1's because they were bad markers. They stopped buying them because the TIPX's mags at less than half the price of Tib mags and the ability to carry more of them due to smaller size and weight made it the more attractive option. The FSC fails to change any of this.
Nailed it.

I personally prefer the shot and accuracy on a stock Tib pistol over a Tipx, yet I keep going back to the Tipx. Why? I hate the mags, and the fat grip on the Tib and I wear 2XL gloves...

I've owned six Tibs and sold every one. I just can't get past the grip and mags.

I was hopeful for this FSC when I heard about it, but they dropped the ball. It's nothing more than a T8.1 with a barrel chop and a grip reduction, at a $150 mark up over the 8.1.

No freaking thanks.

Shrink the grip and bring me airless mags (without some weird Zeta adapter), Tiberius/FS then we'll talk.
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