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Carmatech announces Nemesis Precision Rifled Barrels for January 2018

Carmatech has announced a new barrel design called the "Nemesis Precision".

It appears that the barrel is being compared to the existing HH/Carmatech barrel and the LAPCO .683 barrel, and appears to make no references to using the Nemesis barrel with regular paint.

It's hard to be certain but, it appears to have a different style of rifling (four 'splines') and a spiral ported muzzle break (that appears to have a similar twist rate/direction to the barrels rifling).

It is claimed to:
  • Be More efficient (15%) than the original hammerhead barrel designs
  • Have a better twisting grip on projectiles (30% vs HH, not too much better than other probably LAPCO barrel)
  • Impart a higher Muzzle RPM (12000 vs 1350 HH or the 4500 RPM theoretical max of the LAPCO)
  • Have a Tighter (85%) Grouping*

* The whole grouping plots are interesting, to say the least. The first things I noticed were that the competitor barrels (LAPCO and HH) were shown to have spread biases (LAPCO Vertical, HH Horizontal), while the nemesis barrel appears to have no discernable bias and, it spreads less. I also noticed that the Nemesis is specified as the "Nemesis 20" in the plots (presumably a 20" barrel) and it's possible that there may be other lengths offered at some point. I'm assuming that the numbers are in inches.

I duplicated the plots to crunch the numbers and I found that the Nemesis plot is missing a shot (other barrels had 15shots plotted while nemesis only had 14). The standard deviation of the vector** shows a roughly 36% improvement over the competitor barrels in the advertising.

If I remove the largest single outliers from the HH or LAPCO plots, the numbers don't change all that much but, that's not the greatest way of doing things anyway.

** Vector represents the standard deviation (in inches) of the shots from 0,0 on the plot. Double this number to get a radius that 68% of your shots will land within, double it again to get the radius covering 95% of your shots.

Two questions I'm left with:
  • Why were only 14-15 shots recorded?
  • Does chrono data (per shot) exist for these shot groups?

I hope that someone can get their hands on one of these barrels and do some rigorous 75yd indoor shooting. Interestingly, the earlier indoor HH and LAPCO/Tiberius rifled barrel testing that Punkworks did (with my support) showed vectors closer to the Nemesis than what is shown in this video.
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