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So I look at it and think, "Okay, if I blow a hose how hard will that be to reattach?"
Piece of cake.

Or, if I need to rebuild the LPR, how many tiny, tiny wrench movements is that going to be?
Not many. This thread design is different than a standard full length pipe fitting. It also uses an oring seal, no thread sealant will be necessary. Easy to install and remove.

Will I need to remove the barb to unscrew the LPR? And am I going to destroy the barb in the process?
No, the barb is attached to a manifold that swivels 360*
The barb has an oring seal too (Same as the T-Rex) which makes them easy to deal with.

And not everything is apparent, because I still haven't figured out how the air gets routed into the LPR.
The bottom of the frame, between the asa screw holes.
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