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There are a few fields on the western side of PA that have some games, and a few in central IN. Not many dates have been set or other event info yet. Usually when i'm trying to put together my event schedule i can't get all the info to make the final decisions until close to February.

Some say Splatter parks games are the best thing since sliced bread, others avoid that place like the plague. Country has tried to host big games the last few years, i attended the first 2, it was a hard sell to get anybody back after the first one, and the second one reinforced many peoples concerns, i know very few people who attended the game this year (the same people that were very eager for the one 3 years ago). LVL UP's game yes, was poorly advertised, as they did not want too many bodies, they capped it at 150 (though i don't believe they even hit that number), it was meh. That field has much growing up to do, its still young and in desperate need of balance for big games. Thats all just my opinions or that of players i interact with on a regular basis.

I'll try to remember to post up the info on games that i can get info for in here for others that may be interested. There are actually quite a surprising number of fields within 3-4 hours of central ohio.
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