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You would have to use a much lighter spring if you want to use the pressure from the system, because Ions are much lower pressure than all the other guns that use a cyclone. But if the spring is too soft it won't cycle reliably, or might not be strong enough to push all the paintballs in the feedstack. They could have made a piston with larger area to use the lower pressure, but it would probably need more volume than the exhaust has, as well as taking up more space in the loader.

Also, in the blowbacks and Phenoms, the air used by the cyclone does not affect the bolt speed or valve timing. In an Ion, using the exhaust air for energy slows the bolt speed. You're basically doing the exact opposite of a QEV, which messes with the bolt speed and valve, and can have a detrimental effect on FPS and efficiency.

If the beads are durable and don't create much friction, it's probably the simplest and most reliable way to transfer mechanical energy in a non-linear fashion, given the Ion engine design and operating pressure.
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