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The TL;DR version... They are amazing!

The long winded version... I acquired a second hand ICD Lever changer. When I installed it on a marker and tested it, the face seal was leaking. I contacted ICD through Facebook on Dec 23, not expecting an answer until after Christmas. Surprisingly, someone answered almost immediately! We discussed the issue, and he/she suggested a few tests. I did the testing, and they determined I needed some parts. They shipped the parts on Dec 26, and I had them before New Years Eve!

I installed the parts, and there was still a small leak... Back to Facebook messenger on Jan 1. I was absolutely *NOT* expecting any answers until Jan 2... once more the folks at ICD surprised me! They were in, and ran through a bunch of tests... Talked a bit of shop... Helped me with a technical question about the lever changer's tolerances.

All in all a supremely satisfying experience.

My recommendation is to buy stuff from these folks. They actually give a crap about their customers, and want them to be happy.


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