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Troubleshooting my mag

I am pretty new to the mag scene and troubleshooting them. I am having some issues with my sear assembly I think. I just put the gun together and took it tot the field. Went to chrono it, and upon pulling the trigger say every 2-3 shots it would get stuck in a ďautoĒ trigger type of firing. It would rattle off 2 or 3 shots in a row, the pin would come back and hit the trigger and trip again without pulling off another shot. Seemed almost like a full auto. I do not have a rt, itís a standard mag with the stock parts. I did rebuild the valve, have no leaks.

I adjusted the pin back off a touch from the trigger but it got worse. Almost like the trigger isnít resetting. Any help would be great.

It is a benchmark frame I might add.

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