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Don't quote me on this, but the Desert Edge guys said that field, their home field, was off limits due to new zoning laws by the city. That's why Battlefield Utah supposedly died and is now held outside of the state. I am also in SLC and would LOVE a true woodsball field closer to the city. I would love to hit Action Center one of these days.
Indoor is cool and all but it is super expensive and rough on my oldish bones hahaha
Actually, eagle mountain city code doesn't define paintball guns as firearms and it is entirely legal to discharge them within city limits.

But that doesn't matter, because the field is on private property and when I organized the game last summer we had explicit written permission for the game.

There was a separate, second field called 'the island' I believe that was on public land and Desert Edge may have run into issues with that (specifically monetizing a scenario game there) but I'm extending outside of my direct knowledge of events.

Magmoormaster might be able to explain better
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