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I'm posting this here because both the Z2 and LcMP90 frames are hinged off the new LPR project and I've had a bunch of inquiries about the LPR threads. Threads are standard 1/8-27 NPT (1/8" pipe) so 'other' LPRs will still work in these frames. The new LPR has a shorter thread design that seals with an o-ring instead of thread sealer. It can be screwed in by hand, down to the point of contact with the o-ring, then about a 1/2 to 3/4 turn with a wrench seats the LPR. It should make for easy assembly/disassembly and it can still be used in all standard 1/8" pipe threaded holes. If the o-ring doen't have a flat surface to seal on you can still use a thread sealer for those applications.

This is a test block to check the settings of the new extra long tooling needed to do the Z2 LPR machining, the picture just illustrates the difference between a standard 1/8" pipe fitting and the new LPR mounted profiles.
I'll have the LPR prototype done real soon..

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