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New Shocktech Gunfighter Trigger Frame

Taken from PBN. Looks like their price tag will be $230.

Originally Posted by John View Post

New Shocktech Gunfighter trigger frame for Autocockers

Originally Posted by BBT
Danny has taken all the play out of a traditional .45 slide while maintaining the ability to still call it a slide. This has been achieved by getting away from the standard trigger, springs, sear connection and instead going to a series of 3 high precision cnc machined 6061 aluminum connecting arms. The lever action of the arms rides on 2 roller bearings. This leaves you with a trigger pull of no more than an average of 2mm out of the box. However the Gunfighter is fully adjustable and can be tailored to your individual preference. The trigger pull is so short and precise we have included a custom cut to size timing rod in the case your normal one will not work. In fact we can only recommend the Gunfighter to be used with a BOMB 2 3-way. It is the only 3 way we know positively will keep up. (others may or may not work we make no claim either way.)

Each frame comes fully hand assembled and ready for installation. This is an upgrade that will call for your gun to be tuned and retimed, if you do not have that ability please seek additional help, prior to calling us names on the internet.

We've all seen videos of people shooting extremely fast only to have it be staged or a swing trigger. Shooting a slide fast is an acquired skill. The Gunfighter will bring the speed you find the targets.

Shooting video:

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