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New Tipx owner

So I just received a brand new Tipx as a gift. I am super grateful to the good friend and fellow MCB'er that gave it to me. But now the questions arise...

Although 99% of the time I will use round ball, I would like to get a first strike setup.

1) What is everyone's opinions about the available first strike feed blocks?
Should I just go with the complete Tippmann kit that comes with the 12 rd mag and be done with it?
Is one of the other branded blocks out-perform the tippmann one?

2) What is considered the best roundball AND first strike barrel? - One barrel for both, not one barrel for each. I want to keep length down, so nothing longer than 2" of muzzle.

3) I have a soft spot for 12g's. Are there any available extended 12g plugs?

4) I am thinking about getting a remote line kit - I don't need the remote, just the gun kit. Are there multiple options? Any recommendations?

5) Anything else I should know?
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