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AG Paintball - Under new ownership

Stopped in at AG Paintball's open house. Snow on the ground and no playing going on right now, but wow... A lot of things are happening over there.

The house is gone! The fields are changed and there is a major logging operation going on over there to open up and rebuild all the fields.

So we hung out (Luke and I) for a while, chatted with the new owner, had a look around, etc.

For those not completely in the loop, Alex, the prior owner, was stuck between a rock and a hard place. He owned the company, but not the land. So any field improvements he made, he did at his own peril knowing that the lease could have been canceled or not renewed any time. So the fields suffered due to that conflict in interest.

The new owner has purchased the land and owns everything outright. Lots and lots of improvements are being made as we speak!

The new sport shop looks great.

I even bought a new season pass for myself. Hope to play a few more weekends this year there. Maybe we can even hold an "old school" paintball event for those that want to show up.

Just thought I'd give folks a heads up on what I saw and that I'm excited to see the changes.
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